On-page and Off-page Techniques 2019


If you are just starting out your online journey, then search engine optimization (SEO) is the most important thing that you need to learn. As a process of optimizing your website, SEO assists you in improving your site’s functionality and performance, which in turn, helps you to increase your site’s visibility on SERPs.

On-page and Off-page Techniques 2019

Also, since acquiring traffic is not an easy task for new businesses, implementing SEO on your website will help you to stand-out from your competitors for search queries and it will get you targeted traffic, resulting in increased conversion rate.

However, the whole SEO process is not as easy as it may sound. SEO can be challenging since it involves many factors, and as such having, an outline that comprises of all the essential factors is important if you want to set a strong SEO platform for your business.

To give you an idea of what these factors are and how they can benefit your business, here’s a list some of the essential SEO factors that are important for an optimized website.

  1. Sitemap and Robots.txt File
    While a Sitemap helps to make navigation on your site easier for users and helps Google spiders in indexing your website accurately, Robots.txt file, on the other hand, prevents Google spiders from indexing non-important pages.

Thus, to enhance the user experience, facilitate smoother indexing and to prevent Google spiders from accessing certain web pages on your website, it is important that you create a Sitemap and Robots.txt file respectively.

So how do you create them?

Here’s a simple guide that explains How to create and configure your Robots.txt file and to create a Sitemap you can use Google XML Sitemaps plugin.

  1. Heading Tags (h1 Tags)
    Heading Tags or h1 tags, are an excellent way to optimize your site’s on-page ranking factors.

Not only do they enable you to structure your page content, by differentiating it into headings (h1) and sub-headings (h2, h3), but also allow you to highlight important keywords.

Moreover, from SEO point of view, h1 tags are important as they give users a clear idea of what the page content is about, thereby improving your content’s visibility on search engine.

  1. Optimized Images
    Apart from helping you generate traffic and rank better on search engines, optimized images help to boost your SEO strategy by increasing your site’s page speed and performance, which enhances user experience leading to increased click-through-rates.
  2. Unique Content
    Creating unique and quality content is very important in SEO.


By creating original content, you’ll be able to not only set your website apart from your competitors, but you’ll also be able to win search engines trust, which will increase your site’s ranking on search engine.

  1. Local Listing on Google

What is Local Listing ?

A local listing is an online profile of your business, that contains your business name, email, local address, phone number, pictures, videos etc.

For example, when a user searches for a specific keyword accompanied by a specific city, i.e. Mumbai Doctors, the listings that show up on the search engine are local listing.


By submitting your site’s local listing on Google, you’ll be able to improve your site’s visibility and generate more organic traffic through local search inquiries.

  1. Social Media Profile for Your Business
    A simple fact, if a person searches for a brand name on Google, then it is more than likely, that the brand’s social media profiles are often amongst the top results in search listings.

So, what does this indicate?

It indicates that apart from being fun, engaging and personal, social media channels can also be a great SEO tool, that can help your site to rank high up on the search engine result pages.

Thus, creating a profile for your business on popular social channels such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ is essential. Further, setting up a social brand page for your business is easy too.

Now, as mentioned before, these are just a few important factors that will assist you in optimizing your website. To know more about which other SEO factors are essential to improve your site’s performance.

What is this infographic about?

The below-mentioned infographic is a detailed guide that consists of 75+ SEO techniques, that you need to implement on your site to improve your site’s traffic and ranking. This guide is divided into two parts, namely, on-page & off-page SEO and provides you step-by-step guidance on how to optimize your site for users as well as search engines.

Best part, you can download a PDF of this guide for free and use it as a reference as and when you need it.

So have a look at this infographic and follow these simple SEO tips to increase your site’s ranking on SERPs and to acquire more organic traffic!

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