Top 10+ Social Networking Sites List in 2019

Top 10+ Social Networking Sites List in 2019

Top 10+ Social Networking Sites List in 2019

Indeed, the power of these top social media sites in today’s era of Internet and technology cannot be overlooked. Whether a kid or an old man in his eighties, the influence of social media in modern man’s life is noteworthy.

Twenty years from now, people used to communicate more through wired media, but now the scene is entirely different. Today, the internet has reshaped our lives and has made things so easy for the human beings. The ever-growing influence of social media has offered us the world where people can post pictures, profiles, videos, audio’s, messages and can also invite other people to be friend them.

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In fact, it has also given a new way to the entrepreneurs for promoting their products. Registering with any of these sites provides you with liberty to interact and market your products freely over the web. In fact, advertising through social media platforms helps to build a domain authority of those websites having the potential to do well in the online world.

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There Is Most Popular Social Media Sites List Where Anybody Can Register Freely.


( Founded in 4th of February 2004 By Mark Zuckerberg, Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, Chris Hughes and Andrew McCollum )​

It is one of the most popular social media platforms. Not only does it allow you to connect with your old contacts, but also contributes to your marketing goals. If you are one of the registered users and owns a Facebook page, you are surely going to reach your potential consumers here. Therefore, getting more likes on Facebook page must be the ultimate goal of your marketing plan. The more the likes, the higher get the prospects of conversions.


( Founded in 21st March 2006 By Evan Williams, Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and Noah Glass )​

As the fad for micro-blogging is growing fast, Twitter becomes one of the most preferred places for posting short updates for the followers. Needless to say, a lot of businessmen are using the platform of Twitter to advertise their brand in a cost-effective way. You can actually use it for your business and generate more traffic towards your website compared to other social networking sites by growing your base for Twitter followers. The number of followers you have on Twitter, the better get the chances for earning likes and re-tweets for the post.

Google+ has been in the scene for the year 2011 and opened gates for all the business people to create a page for advertising their business. It is one of the best social media platforms as it is owned by Google and often the posts of Google plus appears at the top of search engine results. Hence, the platform of Google-plus becomes the most deserved platform to advertise your business.

Being one of the largest professional networks in the world, LinkedIn helps the professionals to connect with peers and potential clients. It is one of the best places to achieve B2B leads and opportunities. You can make your professional LinkedIn profile with work experience, skills, and education qualification.

Stumbleupon offers a congenial environment to the users and is one of the best places for the artists and bloggers to showcase their work. Here you get sufficient piece of art to stumble upon and also get an opportunity to grow your horizon for sharing and acceptance. Needless to mention, a perfect place to expand your network and base for clientèle.

As the traffic of Pinterest is very high, it becomes the ideal place for growing audience and generating tons of traffic to one’s website. The success of the pin is determined by the number of likes and repins achieved for every post. The higher the number, the better gets the prospects for getting more online success.

It is a fast growing social media app that allows the users to share photos and Videos. Following the footsteps of the most used social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, it has opened new opportunities for many business owners. Promotion of business through Instagram is one of the popular social media techniques widely accepted throughout the world. So, gain followers on Instagram and improve your business branding via interesting images, quotes etc

It is one of the most liked places for the internet marketers because of the ease associated with sharing high-quality content. The great thing about the platform of Reddit is that the website receives several million views yearly and has a reputation to receive unique posts in millions. The site contains categories known as subreddits where the users can directly pick their choice of subreddit to explore. Perfect place to meet one’s internet marketing needs.

Like any other social media sites, Tumblr is also a fast growing social site. It is quite easy to post content and media here to reach one’s potential consumers. Like any other social media site, you are assayed with an opportunity to follow and get followed. Again the calculation is simple; More followers = More likes + More shares.

It is an online bookmarking site where web pages can be bookmarked with the usage of tags. The app can be downloaded on the phone, and the website can be accessed on the personal computer. Its easy to use and a great place to advertise a business.

Launched in 2010, Quora is a place for sharing knowledgeable content with the people looking for it. It is one of the easiest platforms to create and share content and get in touch with the influential people. It contains blogs, questions, and answers to the questions that serve as small articles to the people. It is a fantastic place to connect with like-minded people.

Like any other social media platform, MySpace allows its users to create their public profile with unique layouts. It is one of the popular choices for most of the big brands and other marketing promoters for publicizing and marketing their products to their targeted audience.

Snapchat is a proprietary software used for sharing live images, messages and other multi media with public or privately with some selected contacts. Snapchat was first launched 5 years ago, in September 2011 by developer’s of Snapchat, inc. The head quarters available in Venice, California. It becomes one of the favorite app of youngsters these days, they can share live images, videos, chats which gets self destructed after viewed by person. It gave a new way to share and save our precious moments.

By knowing the right way to make use of the social media platforms, entrepreneurs can reach their target consumers anywhere throughout the world.

Making use of hashtags is also very popular on the social media. Implementation of the hashtag in social platforms helps the website rank gets higher over the web and achieve stronger domain authority. Proper usage of hashtags has been popularized through the medium of Twitter that allows a person to get redirected towards the hash tagged conversation and is also a sure shot way to get more re-tweets and achieve more followers.

With the advent of the Internet, the popularity of digital marketing has also grown over the years making social networking sites as the best place for promoting businesses or brand.

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