Top10 Best Website Speed Test Tools 2019

Top10 Best Website Speed Test Tools 2018 Today we share with you 10 Best Website Speed Test Tools 2018 with which you can analyze your website performance and take corrective measures for optimizing your website speed.


1. Pingdom Website Speed Test

Pingdom is a market leader in website monitoring services.

It is widely known for its free website speed testing tool.

Pingdom Website Speed Test Tool has become very popular over the years as it is super easy to use.

Pingdom can be a fantastic way to start website monitoring, especially for beginners.

Pingdom displays all your site’s requests in a waterfall view.

It allows you to filter by load order, file size, and load time.

Pingdom goes on to list total requests, load time, and page size.

So, you get different perspectives on improving your website performance.

Pingdom offers a speed performance rating, scored out of 100.

This rating has been broken down into twelve criteria, and each gives an individual score. It helps you to target those aspects that can provide tangible improvements to your site’s speed.

Plus, Pingdom stores the results of all the tests that are performed on your website. So, you can track speed improvements over time.

Pingdom allows you to choose a test from the following location:

  • Texas
  • New York
  • Melbourne
  • San Jose
  • Sweden

The test results are put in a summarized manner and include performance grade, insights, response codes, and content size.

However, Pingdom does not yet support HTTP/2 when you perform a speed test.

Pingdom website speed test tools

2. Google PageSpeed Insights

Google Page Speed Insights is one of the best tools for analyzing and grading the performance and speed of your website.

The tool shows the analysis results based on a 1-100 scale. The higher the analysis score on the scale, the better your website optimization is. If you get a grade around or above 80, then the website performance is really good.

The tool is developed and published by Google.

It gives detailed analysis and reports for your desktop as well as mobile versions of your website.

The tool can also serve improvement recommendations on speeding up the performance of your website. It can also offer tips for minifying CSS as well as image optimizations.

The tool works in different ways.

The first one is known as the time to above the fold. It measures the time taken when a user requests a new page and the moment when the browser shows up above the fold content.

The second one is known as the time to full-page load, and it measures the time taken when a user requests a new page and the moment when the browser fully renders the entire page.

The tool also has an additional category for reports of mobile websites. It has been named as the “User Experience” category. It serves information about your viewport configuration, eligible font sizes, and the size of click targets such as buttons, hyperlinks, and others.

Reports generated are truly beautiful and can be shared and sent to clients and others.

Google Page Speed Insights is surely one of the best speed test tools for analyzing web performance.

Google PageSpeed website speed test tool

3. GTmetrix

GTmetrix is another very popular website speed testing and analysis tool. It is immensely easy to use and perfect for beginners who can pick it up quite fast.

The tool goes on to provide comprehensive analysis as it combines the performance and recommendations offered by Google Page Speed Insights and Yslow. So, GTmetrix comes out as a perfect solution for all your speed optimization needs.

GTmetrix offers top-level data in speed analysis which is easy to digest. It shows up a summary at the top of the page giving out information such as total page load time, page size, and a number of requests.

The tool also shows up a list of your requests in a waterfall chart wherein you can easily go on to identify problem areas and bottlenecks. You can even download waterfall chart to perform further analysis.

You can create a free account that allows you to save the last 20 tests. You can also compare historical data, and can have pre-configured settings for testing locations, browsers, connection speeds, and much more.

GTmetrix even supports HTTP/2 speed testing.

GTmetrix website speed test tools

4. WebPageTest

WebPageTest is a brainchild of Patrick Meenan who is a Chrome engineer at Google. WebPageTest is an open source project.

With WebPageTest, you can perform a free website speed test from multiple locations around the globe by using real browsers such as IE, Chrome, etc.

WebPageTest is a very handy tool for advanced users who need additional data from speed tests.

WebPageTest comes with advanced testing capabilities such as multi-step transactions, content blocking, capture video, compare the first view versus repeat view, change the connection speed, and more.

WebPageTest comes with waterfall charts and resource loading reports that go on to provide additional information for making improvements to your site.

Another big benefit with WebPageTest is that it supports HTTP/2. So, you can test the true performance of your WordPress website over SSL with multiplexing, parallelism, etc. HTTP/2 support was included in Chrome 41.

WebPageTest website speed test tools

5. Dotcom-Monitor Website Speed Test

Dotcom-Monitor offers lots of free and useful tools. One of its very useful tools is the Dotcom-Monitor Website Speed Test Tool. It allows you to quickly test the speed of your website from 25 locations around the globe.

You can choose from different browsers such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Windows Phone.

The tool provides web performance report that includes:

  • Summary by location
  • 10% of fastest elements
  • 10% of slowest elements
  • Comprehensive waterfall chart
  • Comprehensive waterfall chart
  • Error check and diagnostics
  • Breakdown by host element that includes DNS, SSL, Request, Connection, First packet, and Download.

Dotcom-Monitor Website Speed Test

6. KeyCDN Website Speed Test

KeyCDN offers a free website speed testing tool that provides a fast and easy way for ascertaining the overall speed of your WordPress site.

The simple page speed test offers a waterfall breakdown and a website preview.

The tool provides 14 different test locations which are strategically located across the globe to give the total download time of your assets from that physical location.

You can run a private as well as a public test which can be shared or bookmarked for future reference.

The breakdown report gives you an overview of the request methods (GET/POST), HTTP status codes, content size, file types, total download time, as well as the overall number of HTTP requests that are generated on your site.

The KeyCDN website speed test tool also supports HTTP/2.

KeyCDN Website Speed Test Tool

7. Yslow

Yslow is the Yahoo!’s page performance tool.

It is a commendable and comprehensive website speed testing tool.

The tool needs to be installed as an add-on for your browser.

However, Yslow is completely free to use and supports all the popular web browsers.

In fact, the Yahoo! Team has gone on to list 34 factors that impact the speed of a website. However, only 23 of these can be tested quantitatively.

So, Yslow goes on to focus its analysis around these 23 factors. Moreover, the Yslow website has listed these 23 “rules” with extended details which can well be checked out.

Yslow offers an extensive analysis based on these factors.

It will grade for each of these areas that are scored from A to F. So, it becomes easy for you to spot your weaker areas which can then be targeted for unleashing website speed.

Yslow website speed test tools

8. Google Mobile Speed Testing Tool

As per Google, people are five times more likely to abandon a website if it is not mobile-friendly.

This is the reason they have come out with their Mobile Website Speed Testing Tool.

In fact, this tool has been powered by Google Page Speed Insights.

It has been aimed towards marketers and agencies.

It goes on to deliver easy to understand optimization reports.

You can have the reports sent right to your email or have them forwarded to your webmaster or developer.

However, getting a 100/100 score is not feasible in all scenarios. In fact, it depends a lot on how your WordPress website is set up.

Moreover, with lots of multipurpose themes and sites having many external scripts, it almost becomes nearly impossible to notch a perfect score.

Google Mobile Speed Testing Tool

9. Varvy Page Speed Optimization

Varvy Page Speed Optimization is a website speed testing tool that has been developed and maintained by Patrick Sexton. He is also credited with creating that is now known as Moz Local.

The reports are shown in five different sections that include a resource diagram, CSS Delivery, JavaScript Usage, Page Speed Issues, and Services used.

The tool makes use of graphical representation that could be fixed on your site, such as for render blocking.

Patrick has also offered much documentation for optimizing your site with tutorials that cover various site speed concepts such as critical render path, defer loading JavaScript, leveraging browser caching, and much more.

Varvy Page Speed Optimization Tool

10. Sucuri Load Time Tester

Sucuri Load Time Tester is another very handy tool for website speed testing.

Sucuri Load Time Tester allows you to test the performance of any of your site from across the globe.

The Sucuri Load Time Tester can check your website from more than 15 locations and shows you time taken from each location, performance grade, and average response.

The tool is immensely easy to use and helps you to know the time is taken to connect to your website and for one page to load fully.

It also shows up the TTFB (“time to first byte”) value. So, you come to know the time it took for the content to be sent back to the browser and start processing the page.

Thus, there’s a lot of information on web performance with Sucuri Load Time Tester.

Sucuri Load Time Tester

With this, we come to the end of this presentation on 10 Best Website Speed Test Tools. We hope that it proves a valuable resource for you. If you found the post useful, please do share it with your friends and colleagues. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

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